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top 10 attractions in hakone

Chinriu Shops in Hakone and Odawara


There are Chinriu shops in Odawara and Hakone. “We sell hand made products from all over Japan.” -said one of the employees. This is our Hakone shop. Chinriu Shop [...]

Miho Dam is Worth Visiting


Miho Dam is near Minamiashigarashi and you can reach it by car. It is a very nice drive. You will drive through the countryside of Ashigara Pass, through Jizodo and Yamakita [...]

Yuhi Falls in Minamiashigarashi


Yuhi means sunset, and Yuhinotaki is Japanese for sunset falls. Yuhi falls is best viewed at sunset. However, I feel that any time of day it is beautiful. Yuhi Falls is [...]

Lacco Ameno

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Lacco Ameno is an excellent Italian Restaurant near Odawara Station. The pizza oven was imported from Italy, and the chef studied Italian cooking there. I recommend the [...]

Trains are Faster than Cars


Trains are faster than cars if you want to travel around Japan. Trains are also safer, cheaper and more convenient. Parking, and gas (petrol) is very expensive in Japan. [...]

How to get to Lake Ashi


Lake Ashi: From Odawara: Take a Train from Odawara to Hakone Yumoto then bus to Lake Ashi seems to be best. From Tokyo: You can take a Romance Car Train from Shinjuku to [...]

Kansai World Masters Games 2021


If you love sports, this is the Olympics for older people! My brother won the gold medal in basketball in Torino when he was in his early 60s! There are many sports to [...]