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things to do Minamiashigarashi

Beautiful Minamiashigara


While Hakone is famous and deservedly so, many places in Japan are underrated. Minamiashigara is one of those places. Even Tokyo people don’t know Minamiashigara. They [...]

Asahi Brewery Tour


There are tours in English and Japanese. Call them to ask about the tours in English. Tel. 0465-70-5251 Address: 1233 Nuda, Minamiashigarashi Kanagawa 250-0106 Closes at 9 pm [...]

About Minamiashigarashi


Minami Ashigara City is a pleasant, little city in Kanagawa, Japan. The Kari River meanders through the town, and fireflies can sometimes be seen in the summertime. The call [...]

Parcabout, have you heard of it?!


Come and discover this attractive park! Have you heard of “Parcabout”? It is a fun and unique attraction in the world, and it just arrived in Japan in July 2017. [...]

Hamazushi in Minamiashigarashi

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  One of the best restaurants in Minamiashigarashi is Hamazushi.  It is a restaurant chain that specialises in good quality, yet reasonably priced sushi.   Many of the [...]