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Asahi Brewery Tour


There are tours in English and Japanese. Call them to ask about the tours in English. Tel. 0465-70-5251 Address: 1233 Nuda, Minamiashigarashi Kanagawa 250-0106 Closes at 9 pm [...]

About Minamiashigarashi


Minami Ashigara City is a pleasant, little city in Kanagawa, Japan. The Kari River meanders through the town, and fireflies can sometimes be seen in the summertime. The call [...]

Parcabout, have you heard of it?!


Come and discover this attractive park! Have you heard of “Parcabout”? It is a fun and unique attraction in the world, and it just arrived in Japan in July 2017. [...]

Hamazushi in Minamiashigarashi

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  One of the best restaurants in Minamiashigarashi is Hamazushi.  It is a restaurant chain that specialises in good quality, yet reasonably priced sushi.   Many of the [...]