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things to do in Odawara

Odawara Castle


Odawara Castle was first built in the 15 th century. I think it’s very beautiful and I have been to it many times. Enjoy the photos! In front of the shrine A Shinto shrine [...]

Sports Bars in Odawara

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The best sports bars in the Odawara-Hakone area are in downtown Odawara. If you want to watch rugby or soccer, these are the places to go: Celts Just a five minute walk from [...]

Best Cherry Blossom Viewing in Odawara


I love cherry blossoms viewing; what a great excuse for sitting under a tree and getting drunk. However, I’m not keen on sharing this experience with a thousand other drunk [...]

Light Shows near Hakone


If you like flowers and trees, and lights, read on! The Matsuda Herb Garden has a light show every year from around Christmas time until March 11 th, the day of the infamous [...]

Watching Sumo in Japan


Watching Sumo in Japan Jonah and the Wrestler When my son Jonah was just a baby, we took him to Odawara Arena.On that day they had a one day sumo tournament. To my [...]