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restaurants in minamiashigarashi

Monja Yokocho, Okonomiyaki in Odawara


My friend and I have eaten at Monja-Yokocho (もんじゃ横丁) a few times. If you want a truly Japanese experience, it is a great choice. It’s near Odawara Station [...]

Suwabe Bakery in Minamiashigarashi


Suwabe’s Bakery in Minamiashigarashi is very good if you want something sweet and a great cup of coffee or tea. It is just down the street from Kevin’s Guest [...]

Bellbe Bakery in Kaisei Town


If you want to enjoy one of the best bakeries around, you will need a car, or to catch a bus from Wadagahara Station or Kaisei Station that goes towards Fuji Photo Film. [...]

Asahi Brewery Tour


There are tours in English and Japanese. Call them to ask about the tours in English. Tel. 0465-70-5251 Address: 1233 Nuda, Minamiashigarashi Kanagawa 250-0106 Closes at 9 pm [...]

Lacco Ameno

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Lacco Ameno is an excellent Italian Restaurant near Odawara Station. The pizza oven was imported from Italy, and the chef studied Italian cooking there. I recommend the [...]

Potato in Odawara


Potato is a casual restaurant in Odawara that serves hamburgers and other delicious casual food. The burgers are big for Japan. Potato is also great for parties. We have had [...]

Coo is a Restaurant in Odawara

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Coo is a very good restaurant/bar in Odawara. They serve a limited menu of simple food. But the food they offer is good! I recommend the corn beef sandwich and cream cheese [...]



Prasidha is a very good restaurant in Minamiashigarashi that serves Indian Nepalese, and Thai food. I recommend it! I often eat here to take a break from Japanese food. I [...]