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Sports Bars in Odawara

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The best sports bars in the Odawara-Hakone area are in downtown Odawara. If you want to watch rugby or soccer, these are the places to go: Celts Just a five minute walk from [...]

Last train from Odawara

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The last train from Odawara Station to our guest houses leaves at 11:34 PM. Don`t miss it or the taxi fare will be very [...]



Lusca is a big shopping center that is inside Odawara Station. Odawara Shopping: There are over 90 stores. Many of which are tax free! There are many restaurants too. Be sure [...]

El Borracho in Odawara


El Borracho is a Spanish restaurant in Odawara, across the street from Lacco Ameno (pizza restaurant). Koji Matsumoto is the friendly, talented owner and chef here. There are [...]

Cafe Ryo


Cafe Ryo is near Odawara Station and Maiyonoyu Hot Spring Hotel.  It is along a shopping street that leads to one of Odawara`s must see attractions, Odawara Castle. I [...]

Monja Yokocho, Okonomiyaki in Odawara

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My friend and I have eaten at Monja-Yokocho (もんじゃ横丁) a few times. If you want a truly Japanese experience, it is a great choice. It’s near Odawara Station [...]

Sean Aroy Thai Restaurant


Sean Aroy Thai Restaurant is located near Odawara Station. It is a stone’s throw from the Shalamar Nightclub. You can there is three minutes’ walk from the [...]

Marzo, Italian Restaurant in Odawara

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Marzo is a famous Italian Restaurant near Odawara Castle.  The food was very good.  The service was not.  I think if you are spending a lot of hard earned money for a [...]

Coo is a Restaurant in Odawara


Coo is a very good restaurant/bar in Odawara. They serve a limited menu of simple food. But the food they offer is good! I recommend the corn beef sandwich and cream cheese [...]