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Odawara Castle these Days


This is what Odawara Castle looks like these days. Beautiful! Kevin R Burns Odawara Castle Beautiful Odawara, one of Japan’s unsung sightseeing [...]

Odawara Castle


Odawara Castle was first built in the 15 th century. I think it’s very beautiful and I have been to it many times. Enjoy the photos! In front of the shrine A Shinto shrine [...]

Cafe Ryo


Cafe Ryo is near Odawara Station and Maiyonoyu Hot Spring Hotel.  It is along a shopping street that leads to one of Odawara`s must see attractions, Odawara Castle. I [...]

Marzo, Italian Restaurant in Odawara

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Marzo is a famous Italian Restaurant near Odawara Castle.  The food was very good.  The service was not.  I think if you are spending a lot of hard earned money for a [...]

Visit Hakone!


What Non-Japanese Should See & Do in Japan by Kiyomi Aihara (Odawara, Kanagawa) What Non-Japanese Should See & Do in Japan ◆Where have you lived in Japan and what [...]

I Chose to Live in Odawara


Believe it or not, I actually chose to live in the Odawara area. In 1993, I came to Japan on the JET program. I was placed in a really inaka town in Tochigi-ken. I was there [...]