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odawara castle

How to be a Travel Writer, Part 5


by Kevin Burns Read the article or take the class at Udemy! Warning: It is unlikely that you will get rich. For every Bill Bryson, there is a Tom Smith. I know! I don`t know [...]

How to be a Travel Writer Part 4


by Kevin Burns Read the article or take the class at Udemy! Before you travel, think of some ideas for stories you could write. You may change your mind during your trip, but [...]

How to be a Travel Writer


by Kevin Burns You can take the class at Udemy, or read the article. Hi Everyone, By the end of this introductory course on how to become a travel writer, you will know the [...]

Odawara Castle


Odawara Castle was first built in the 15 th century. I think it’s very beautiful and I have been to it many times. Enjoy the photos! In front of the shrine A Shinto shrine [...]

Hakone & Odawara City Events

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Short Video of Hakone by Jonah Kishiya Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden: (Annually-January 2nd & 3rd) It’s a long distance marathon relay race done by university teams. It is [...]

On Airbnb


In Japan, the authorities here require us to gather all kinds of information. So that’s changed. But Airbnb needs to catch up with the Japanese situation.   They need [...]

Guest House Cleaning Staff Required


Cleaning Staff required 掃除スタッフKevin Guest House/English School – 神奈川県 小田原市 And at Merry Lue’s Guesthouse in Tsukahara, Minamiashigarashi [...]