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Photos for I am Hakone


Would you like to share your photos of Hakone, Odawara, Minamiashigarashi, Kaisei and Izu and have them appear in I am Hakone? Photos for Kevin’s Blog: I am Hakone If you [...]

How to get a Hakone Free Pass?

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How to get a Hakone Free Pass? When you arrive at Odawara station, you can proceed to the Odakyu Line office to buy a Hakone free pass, which then covers the rest of the [...]

Japanese Temples


Japanese Temples by Kevin R Burns (Kanagawa, Japan) Japanese Temples and Religion, what religions are practiced in Japan and how are they practiced? The two most popular [...]

The Hot Springs of Hakone


The Hot Springs of Hakone Hakone Yumoto is the most popular hot springs resort area in the region. To get there: Take the Hakone Tozan Railway from Odawara to Yumoto Station. [...]