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Hosting for Airbnb in Japan


I host in Japan, where the rules have become quite strict. The police came by to outline the information we need to collect from guests who do not live in Japan. They are [...]

Photos for I am Hakone


Would you like to share your photos of Hakone, Odawara, Minamiashigarashi, Kaisei and Izu and have them appear in I am Hakone? Photos for Kevin’s Blog: I am Hakone If you [...]

How to get a Hakone Free Pass?


How to get a Hakone Free Pass? When you arrive at Odawara station, you can proceed to the Odakyu Line office to buy a Hakone free pass, which then covers the rest of the [...]

Try to fit in While you are in Japan

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I tried in various languages to explain to an Asian gentleman that it wasn’t ok in Japan to have your phone set to speaker phone and to be speaking loudly into it on a [...]

How to Buy Tickets to Events in Japan


There are often small shops that resell tickets to movies, concerts, and train tickets. These shops are located near major train stations like Odawara Station. Another way to [...]