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How to get to Mount Fuji


You can see Mount Fuji from our area. If you walk 10-20 minutes east of Merry Lue`s Guest House you can get some great views of Fuji. You can actually see (a little of Fuji) [...]

How to get a Hakone Free Pass?


How to get a Hakone Free Pass? When you arrive at Odawara station, you can proceed to the Odakyu Line office to buy a Hakone free pass, which then covers the rest of the [...]

Try to fit in While you are in Japan


I tried in various languages to explain to an Asian gentleman that it wasn’t ok in Japan to have your phone set to speaker phone and to be speaking loudly into it on a [...]

How to Buy Tickets to Events in Japan


There are often small shops that resell tickets to movies, concerts, and train tickets. These shops are located near major train stations like Odawara Station. Another way to [...]

Odawara Forest Adventure Park

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This aerial course, is built through a pristine forest and is comprised of ladders, bridges, swings, nets, and giant zip lines. You are equipped with a harness and attached [...]



Lusca is a big shopping center that is inside Odawara Station. Odawara Shopping: There are over 90 stores. Many of which are tax free! There are many restaurants too. Be sure [...]

Fuji Speedway


Fuji Speedway is in Oyama, and not far from Kevin’s Guest House or Merry Lue’s Guest House in Minamiashigarashi. Fuji Speedway Many of our guests stay with us and [...]

Owakudani alert level Raised slightly


You may have heard already, but they raised the volcano alert level from1/5 up to 2/5. It still seems fairly safe. Our guest houses should be ok, unless there was a major [...]