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Japanese Temples

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Japanese Temples by Kevin R Burns (Kanagawa, Japan) Japanese Temples and Religion, what religions are practiced in Japan and how are they practiced? The two most popular [...]

JIGG Kanagawa – Living in Japan


Living in Japan: You need to Socialize! All work and No Play is not good! Be sure to join a club either at MeetUp, or find one on Facebook. Preferable join a few clubs. Here [...]

Ghost Stories in a Country Town


Do you believe in ghosts? In nearby Hadano, Linda Gould will take you on an experience you will never forget! Visit tombs, and haunted houses and learn about Japan in a new [...]

Meditate at a Temple, Hike & Do Yoga!


I’m starting a new AIRBNB experience. It’s actually really a great experience, full of different kinds of yoga and entry to a modern temple. Please spread the [...]

Best Cherry Blossom Viewing in Odawara


I love cherry blossoms viewing; what a great excuse for sitting under a tree and getting drunk. However, I’m not keen on sharing this experience with a thousand other drunk [...]

How to get to Lake Ashi


Lake Ashi: From Odawara: Take a Train from Odawara to Hakone Yumoto then bus to Lake Ashi seems to be best. From Tokyo: You can take a Romance Car Train from Shinjuku to [...]

Kansai World Masters Games 2021


If you love sports, this is the Olympics for older people! My brother won the gold medal in basketball in Torino when he was in his early 60s! There are many sports to [...]