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Kamakura is a Nice Day Trip


From the Minamiashigarashi, Odawara, and Hakone area, Kamakura is a nice day trip. It was once Japan`s capital and there are many things to see. There are beautiful temples, [...]

Beautiful Minamiashigara


While Hakone is famous and deservedly so, many places in Japan are underrated. Minamiashigara is one of those places. Even Tokyo people don’t know Minamiashigara. They [...]

Only Yu Hot Spring


Only Yu Hot Spring or “onsen” in Japanese is one of the best hot springs around and lucky for you, it is right in Minamiashigara City. You can catch their free shuttle [...]

Hakone – Some of my Favorite Places


There are too many interesting places to mention in Hakone. But here are some of my favorites. Come with me on a journey to get an onsen tamago (a boiled egg, cooked by a [...]

Odawara Castle these Days


This is what Odawara Castle looks like these days. Beautiful! Kevin R Burns Odawara Castle Beautiful Odawara, one of Japan’s unsung sightseeing [...]

Harukimichi Walk


Harukimichi (or Haruki street) is the path along the Kari River. From Kevin’s Guesthouse you can access it at the nearest bridge. -the road that goes along the river. Walk [...]

Minamiashigarashi Events


Doryosan Hatsumode Jan. 1st Join the crowds and come and pray. A truly Japanese experience. The Daiyuzan line was built in 1921 so that people could more easily come to this [...]

Hakone & Odawara City Events

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Short Video of Hakone by Jonah Kishiya Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden: (Annually-January 2nd & 3rd) It’s a long distance marathon relay race done by university teams. It is [...]

Miyagase Lake

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Miyagase Lake is a stunningly beautiful area and suitable for day trips by car from Minamiashigarashi (from Kevin’s Guesthouse or Merry Lue’s Guesthouse). To get [...]