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Kevin`s Guesthouse near Hakone, Japan

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Kevin`s Guesthouse near Hakone, Japan is a Victorian style house that was shipped to Yokohama from Cloverdale, British Columbia in 1998.  Then the house was brought by truck [...]

Harukimichi Walk


Harukimichi (or Haruki street) is the path along the Kari River. From Kevin’s Guesthouse you can access it at the nearest bridge. -the road that goes along the river. Walk [...]

Miyagase Lake

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Miyagase Lake is a stunningly beautiful area and suitable for day trips by car from Minamiashigarashi (from Kevin’s Guesthouse or Merry Lue’s Guesthouse). To get [...]

Odawara Forest Adventure Park


This aerial course, is built through a pristine forest and is comprised of ladders, bridges, swings, nets, and giant zip lines. You are equipped with a harness and attached [...]

Azumayama Park in Ninomiya


Azumayama in Ninomiya-Machi is a great place to have a picnic and, or enjoy the cherry blossoms! To Get There: Take the Tokaido Line train from Odawara Station to Ninomiya, [...]

Mount Kintoki


Mount Kintoki or “Kintokisan” as the locals call it, boasts great views of Mount Fuji. Mount Kintoki was formerly called Mount Ashigara, but no one calls it this [...]

Miho Dam is Worth Visiting

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Miho Dam is near Minamiashigarashi and you can reach it by car. It is a very nice drive. You will drive through the countryside of Ashigara Pass, through Jizodo and Yamakita [...]

Yuhi Falls in Minamiashigarashi

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Yuhi means sunset, and Yuhinotaki is Japanese for sunset falls. Yuhi falls is best viewed at sunset. However, I feel that any time of day it is beautiful. Yuhi Falls is [...]



Forest Adventure Hakone is a great place to enjoy the forest. One of my students works there. Do you enjoy Zip Lines?! There are different courses you can take depending on [...]

Meditate at a Temple, Hike & Do Yoga!


I’m starting a new AIRBNB experience. It’s actually really a great experience, full of different kinds of yoga and entry to a modern temple. Please spread the [...]