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A 2 Week Trip to Japan – What to See and Do?

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Some good friends of mine asked me to make a post about what to see and do for a two week trip to Japan. I will slowly add to this post as I come up with new material. So this is a work in progress. But I wanted to share it as it comes together.


Tokyo, Asakusa

The Asakusa area of Tokyo is a must-see in my opinion. It has Japan`s oldest temple and nearby her oldest bar. If you get bad results at the temple, you can drown your sorrows at the bar! The bar survived repeated bombings during World War 2. Perhaps you should stay at the bar? Asakusa Station is apparently the oldest train station in Japan as well. This was told to me on a rickshaw tour I took. I recommend the rickshaw tours. You can choose how long you do one for. The guides are very kind, personable as you would expect, they know a lot about the area and inspite of living in Japan for over 30 years, even I learned a lot. The guides speak English. Kana was my guide and she was great! Here is my video on YouTube of Asakusa. Please subscribe to our I am Hakone channel at YouTube to watch the latest videos!

You can certainly stay at one of our guest houses and go into Tokyo, but you may want to stay closer to Asakusa.

This was my guide, Kana. She was great! She knows a lot about Asakusa.
The sakura trees are just starting to bloom.
The golden turd of Asakusa you ask? Actually, according to the French architect, this was supposed to be a wing. He wanted 3 turds, er, wings. But Japan only wanted one. It was difficult to imagine three of them.
The pagoda
The entrance to Sensoji Temple
Sensoji Temple with Tokyo Sky Tree on the left. Walk over to Tokyo Sky Tree or get a taxi and go up skytree in the late afternoon/evening for fantastic views of Tokyo! I highly recommend this!
Another shot of Sensoji Temple, which comprises several buildings.

Things to do in Odaiba, Tokyo

There are many things to do in Odaiba, perhaps Tokyo`s most beautiful area. There are spectacular harbour views, city vistas, and even a sandy beach. Go there for great shopping, nostalgia, fun restaurants and bars. Some of Tokyo`s best hotels are there. Odaiba has more open spaces than the rest of Tokyo, so take a break from the crowds and go there. Aqua City Odaiba has great shopping. Venus Fort Odaiba is great on a rainy day. There is a history museum next door with many classic cars. Things to do in Tokyo for anime fans? See Gundam in Odaiba! If you stay at the Tokyo Bay Hilton you will see fantastic views of the city. Or if that is beyond your budget, simply take a walk along the harbour. Things to do in Tokyo for car Lovers? Visit the history museum next to Venus Fort!


You must see Hakone, Japan! It is a fantastic area with many things to do including sightseeing, visiting art galleries and museums, hiking, boating, fishing, forest bathing and of course there are fantastic views of Mount Fuji!

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