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How to be a Travel Writer, in Conclusion

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by Kevin Burn

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Don`t know what to write? Write down what your mind is thinking. The mind is always thinking. Keep your pen or typing fingers moving and write down all of the things your mind is thinking. Often for me at least, comedy comes this way. My mind can be very funny. (at least to me!) (100 words or more)

Know the travel industry There are newspaper travel sections, travel magazines, newsletters, lifestyle magazines that have travel sections. Of course, there are blogs and websites too. Remember that niche magazines often include travel. What kinds of articles do all of these publish? Get to know them!

Gillick suggests:

“Know the travel industry. Subscribe to consumer and travel trade publications so you know what’s happening out there. You need to know about current and upcoming destinations, travel trends (family travel, women-only travel, LGBTQ travel, travel with family pets, mancations, nature, adventure, escapes, luxury, spa etc.). You also need to know about events that affect travel. Currently COVID-19 coverage is filling the air waves but also countries are now planning on post-COVID strategies. A travel writer should be ‘up’ on all this knowledge. Watch travel programs on TV and Netflix. Know which countries are popular based on TV/movie coverage (The Hobbit-New Zealand/ Game of Thrones—that’s all the guide spoke about when we were in Dubrovnik). There’s an old expression “Eyes that Travel, See”. Be a practitioner of this philosophy. And Best of Luck with your Career Choice!”


List of Travel Magazines List of Travel Magazines:

The Perfect Travel Story Pitch Hires people for many different jobs including travel writing. another option to write for.

Matador Network check it out and see if you can write for Matador.

Online Newspapers

Pro Blogger – helps bloggers to make money with their blogs

Smart Blogger – cutting edge advice about blogging

Moz- advice on link building, SEO, and Social Media

The Write Life – Community/Support

The Write Practice – helps you to improve your writing

Writer`s digest

If you’re new to writing, it’s unlikely people will share their contacts with you, but there are loads of resources for freelancers:


How to be a Travel Writer, Don George, Lonely Planet, Kindle, 2017

Melinda Joe has a blog called Tokyo Drinking Glass where she reviews different sakes, wines and other alcoholic drinks and food. She started in Japan but has gone on to work all over the world.

Steve Gillick writes about various topics at his site Some of his topics Include: Travel Destinations, Special interest Travel a.k.a Points of Passion, Travel Skills, Hotels, Travel Scams and other general travel topics. Check out his website to get some ideas!

Joan D. Bailey is a freelance writer whose work focuses on food, farming, and farmers markets as well as travel. You can read more about her and read her writing at

I am Hakone (right here where you are!)

My travel website about the Hakone, Odawara, Izu area of Japan.


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Airbnb-How to be a Successful Host

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