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Minamiashigarashi Events

Doryosan Hatsumode

Jan. 1st

Join the crowds and come and pray. A truly Japanese experience. The Daiyuzan line was built in 1921 so that people could more easily come to this amazing temple.

Doryosan Big Festival

Jan. 27-28

Cherry Blossom Festival

Mid-March to late March at Harukimichi (Haruki Street)

Kintaro Fuji Festival

Mid-April to the beginning of May

Live traditional music, food, fun! Recommended!

Pictured: Only Yu Hot Springs in Minamiashigarashi

Kintaro Festival

First Sunday in August. A fun day for the whole family.

Zaru Giku Festival

All October long

Joya no Kane at Doryosan

December 31st

People walk or take a bus up to the temple to pay their respects to God. A very Japanese experience.



map1  Map of the Iizawa and Daiyuzan area of Minamiashigarashi, including restaurants and stores.


In Oiso, Lee Utsumi`s Organic Bakery is on the Rise


A Sad Part of Japanese Society

Australian man Fights to see his Children

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