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Hakone & Odawara City Events

Short Video of Hakone by Jonah Kishiya

Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden:

(Annually-January 2nd & 3rd)

It’s a long distance marathon relay race done by university teams. It is broadcast on all the TV networks in Japan. Hakone, Japan

It is a huge event!

You can watch it live by lining up along Route 1 in Odawara or by watching it from one of the streets along the route in Hakone.

Odawara’s Plum Festival

(When: Beginning of February-Beginning of March)

The cherry blossoms get all the fame, but the plum blossoms all around Odawara, Minamiashigarashi and Shimosoga, are beautiful too.

Odawara Kamaboko Cherry Blossom Festival

(When: Late March)

Come and see Odawara’s fantastic kamaboki cherry blossoms!

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Odawara Oden Festival

When: April

Try many interesting Japanese street foods at this festival that has traditional dancing, music and more, in front of Odawara Castle.

Odawara Houjyodai Festival

When: May 3rd

Ajisai Hanashobu Festival

All June long

Odawara Lantern Festival

Late July – Early August

Odawara Fireworks Festival (Sakawagawa)

First Saturday in August at the Sakawa River in Odawara.

Castle Built in 1 Night Festival


Daruma Doll Market


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