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Sports Bars in Odawara

The best sports bars in the Odawara-Hakone area are in downtown Odawara.

If you want to watch rugby or soccer, these are the places to go:


Just a five minute walk from Odawara Station, and next to Kentucky Fried Chicken is Celts, an Irish style sports bar. The food is so-so microwaved “Irish and British” fare.

But the beer is good and you can always head next door for karaoke once the alcohol has made you brave enough to sing in front of friends!

You can politely ask the staff to show your favourite sport. They are willing to oblige.

Celts Odawara Homepage


Is another bar that sometimes shows sports. The food is better too. It’s kind of cozy.

After Coo, you can head across the small alley to Shalamar to go dancing. Shalamar is Odawara’s best nightclub and hosts the best Halloween Party around. The master Kuni speaks English and is a nice guy. Shalamar tends to play soul music, hence the name.


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