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The Review System at Airbnb is Broken

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The hosts reading this, care about Airbnb and you most likely give negative reviews or positive ones of guests as they deserve them.

This is great! I applaud you. You want Airbnb to work well-as do I.

However, a significant number of hosts “pass the trash.” They never give a negative review of a guest, for fear of it hurting their business.

This is not how the system was meant to work. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to fix it.

As you know, Airbnb requires us to give a certain number of reviews. But the type of review is not specified. I’m not really in favor of specifying how many positive or negative reviews one must give. But that might be one rule to consider if many hosts are gaming the system.

Think about it! If you are the only host around you, giving the occasional negative review-let’s say, 1/20-…

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