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Hosting for Airbnb in Japan

I host in Japan, where the rules have become quite strict. The police came by to outline the information we need to collect from guests who do not live in Japan. They are very concerned about terrorism with the Olympics coming up. Guests must supply:
Passport photo page
Names and full addresses of every guest
Everyone’s job
Most guests comply, but some guests from China at times, either do not give the full information, or very reluctantly do so after many emails. (I host remotely and have a local staff).
A few guests from other countries can also be reluctant, but it tends to be Chinese guests. I really don’t want to tar a whole nationality. A group of Chinese guests gladly gave me their information today. But another group also from China did not. (A recurring theme).
Airbnb-How to be a Successful Host
I understand the Chinese government is scary for some people (including Chinese). Is that the reason they don’t like to give out information?
Ethnic Chinese from other countries comply and give the information. It is Chinese from China that end up taking up so much of my time in dealing with them.
Advice please: how do I get them to send me or leave their information?
(The local police told me to contact them if anyone seems reluctant to give their information. I would rather not involve the police if possible.)

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