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How to get to Gotemba Outlet Mall?

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How to Get to Gotemba Outlet Mall

Take the Daiyuzan line train to Odawara. Transfer to the Odakyu line. Go to Shin Matsuda Station. Transfer to the Gotemba line. Take the Gotemba line to Gotemba. Get a bus to the Gotemba Outlet Mall from Gotemba Station.

In peak tourist seasons some buses may go to the Gotemba Outlet Mall from Shin Matsuda. Please ask at Shin Matsuda Station.

From Hakone:

I’d say just take a bus to Gotemba outlet mall from Gora? By train they have to go back to Odawara-Kozu or Shinmatsuda -Gotemba then bus from the station to outletmall. It’ll take longer I think.”


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