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How to Buy Tickets to Events in Japan

There are often small shops that resell tickets to movies, concerts, and train tickets. These shops are located near major train stations like Odawara Station.

Another way to buy tickets for sports and other events is online. One famous online shop is Ticket Pia.

Ticket Pia

I would be careful about using any other online ticket agency. They seem to be very expensive.

grayscale photo of sumo wrestling surrounded with people

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Sumo Tickets

Some travel agencies in Japan sometimes sell concert tickets and others. There are many travel agencies in Odawara.

Japan Ice Hockey Tickets

The Asian League is the premier ice hockey league of Asia. Former NHL, KHL and Swedish league players are on each team as well as the best players from China, Korea, Japan and Russia.  It`s great hockey!  You can buy tickets here.

There are sometimes international games played in Japan as well. Check out Ticket Pia at the link above for those tickets.

Basketball Tickets in Japan – B League Basketball

Rugby Tickets Japan

X League American Football Tickets


athletes audience ball bleachers

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Japan Baseball Tickets

You can purchase baseball tickets at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo.  If you want to buy them in advance, you can do that online.

Mount Kintoki

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How to See Mount Fuji?

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