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Chinriu Shops in Hakone and Odawara

There are Chinriu shops in Odawara and Hakone.
“We sell hand made products from all over Japan.” -said one of the employees.
This is our Hakone shop.

Chinriu Shop

Chinriu is famous, and worth going to if you want a one of a kind souvenir from Japan or you would like to try some unique, traditional food.

Be sure to try some umeboshi (pickled plums). Odawara is famous for them!

Chinriu Honten in Odawara:

1-2-1 Sakaecho, Odawara
Kanagawa, 250-0011 Japan

Tel 0465-22-4951

The shop is located outside the JR station’s East exit. From there, do not go to the underground shopping mall, nor the left side stairs. Go to the right, then cross the road.

*You can also buy from their online

Chinriu Honten

Chinriu Honten Logo

The company started in 1871 by the last chief cook of Odawara castle. Chinriu Honten specializes in products made of Ume plum, red Shiso and edible Sakura cherry blossoms.

The Chinriu Honten brand is well respected and its products are sold in their own shops in Hakone and Odawara, as well as major department stores and premium super markets.

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