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Marzo, Italian Restaurant in Odawara

Marzo is a famous Italian Restaurant near Odawara Castle.  The food was very good.  The service was not.  I think if you are spending a lot of hard earned money for a meal, I expect good food and good service.  Friendly service.  It is quite large and airy, which was nice.  Nice modern decor.


Service was slow and not warm.


We had the Fettuccine and pizza.   The food was very good.

I do wish more Italian restaurants in Japan would serve linguine.  There was one listing for seafood linguine on the menu, but I am not much of a seafood eater.


Anyway, if you can ignore the slow, cold service and just enjoy the food, then Marzo may be for you.  If not, there are  better Italian restaurants in Odawara with friendly, quick service.

Marzo`s Website



〒250-0011 Kanagawa Prefecture, Odawara, 栄町 1丁目11番地11号

Tel. 0465-24-2241

person getting a pizza slice

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