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Coo is a Restaurant in Odawara

Coo is a very good restaurant/bar in Odawara. They serve a limited menu of simple food. But the food they offer is good!

I recommend the corn beef sandwich and cream cheese and avocado salad. The latter was so good, I want to make it at home.

Across from Coo is an Odawara landmark, Odawara’s famous Shalamar night club. At Shalamar they play great soul music, and the manager Kuni is a cool guy who can speak English. Shalamar is on the 2 nd floor across from Coo.

Address: Coo Bar

2-Chome-7-10 Sakaecho

Odawara, Kanagawa

Vegetarian Restaurants in & around Odawara

At Coo

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