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Visit Hakone!

What Non-Japanese Should See & Do in Japan

by Kiyomi Aihara
(Odawara, Kanagawa)

What Non-Japanese Should See & Do in Japan

◆Where have you lived in Japan and what is it like?

I have lived in Odawara City. It developed as a town around a castle. Odawara was originally built in 1190.

Pictured: Lake Ashi in Hakone

◆What are your favorite places in Japan?

My favorite place is Taikanzan in Hakone. The scenery from there is wonderful.
We can sea Mt.Fuji and Ashino lake. On the opposite side, we can see the Pacific Ocean.
Other places I recommend for visiting are:

Kyoto and Nara.

◆Where should non-Japanese go to experience the real Japan?

You must go to Yabusame(Competitors on the back of galloping horses shoot at targets along a line).
It is fantastic!

As well you must experience a tea ceremony(after eating Japanese cake you drink powdered green tea).

◆What food do you recommend people new to Japan try?

Of course Sushi, Tempura, Oden, Okonomiyaki, Manjyu(Mochi ball) are all good.

◆Should non-Japanese visit Odawara? Why/Why not?

Yes, Odawara is rich with the products of the sea and field.

Moreover Odawara is 80 kilometers away frome Tokyo.
The city is surrounded by the sight-seeing resorts (hot springs etc…) abundant with scenic natural beauty. All the year around we have many kinds of events( Festival of plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, and finally, Hojo’s five generations*Samurai* Takigi Noh play).

Odawara is well worth a day trip from Tokyo or

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