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Goose Boats, Atsuko and Little Green Men in Hakone?

Goose Boats, Atsuko, and Little Green Men in Hakone?

by Kevin R Burns
(Hakone, Kanagawa)

Goose Boats, Atsuko, and Little Green Men in Hakone?

Goose Boats, Atsuko, and Little Green Men in Hakone?

Just another day in paradise?

Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

When you see something very strange, you have to honestly ask yourself, am I getting enough sleep?
Has there been too much stress at work lately? Is this about me? Or am I really seeing this strange thing in front of me? Fortunately when I saw my first UFO in Hakone, my friend Atsuko saw it too. So either we were both suffering from too much stress or it was real. I think the latter is true.

I am not aware of Hakone being a hotbed of UFO activity but it sure is a pretty area, and if I were an alien (which according to the signs at Japanese airports–I am), I would visit the area too. Atsuko and I were walking along the sidewalk near the area of Lake Ashi famous for renting the pedal boats that look like giant geese. You can pedal around near the shore in a goose boat.

Go ahead admit it! You’ve always wanted to try it! Atsuko and I usually discussed very serious topics regarding philosophy and
life in general, she was my colleague and good friend from my days working for ECC. As we walked and discussed, we glanced up
to see a large ball in the air not very far from us–maybe 500 metres away, moving over the tree tops along the hillside. We both
thought it odd to see a large (4 metres in circumference) balloon-like ball there but continued our discussion. I think
I mentioned to her after glancing at this “ball” again that it moved so smoothly for a balloon. It looked more like a machine
than a balloon. It continued to move smoothly along the tree tops but suddenly stopped and went into the trees, next it
emitted a bright light–really bright. Then it went dark–disappeared. It was the strangest thing we had ever seen.
I have still never seen anything to match it.

I always try to be logical about these things and explain them in human terms. “Maybe some students from Waseda are
experimenting with a new space vehicle,” I suggested to Atsuko. She didn’t think so. One of us pointed out that there was no
road where the UFO had entered the trees so it wasn’t a very logical place to try out your science project. It was almost cliff-like

in steepness. A flat area would have been ideal for that. Also trying to explain the purpose of the bright light emitting as it went into
the forest was maybe the toughest to explain. In earthly terms I can see no purpose. I’m sure people for miles around saw that light
for the few seconds it shone, so if for some reason they wanted many people at Lake Ashi to see it, they accomplished their goal.
But why bother?

If I can imagine for a moment. Perhaps the occupants were on their way to another place, and they bright light served as some kind
of energy that would take them there. The engine that would propel them was starting up, if you will indulge me for a moment.
I think that’s what happened.

I have always tried to argue against the existence of UFO’s, logically refuting the arguments saying that they regularly visit us,
now I really don’t know. I know what I saw, but have no idea what it was. I think many UFOs are simply top secret military aircraft.
They are usually tested at night and look even more ominous in the night sky. But this occurred for everyone to see in the
afternoon of a beautiful sunny day. It was exactly top secret.

One of the dangers of being human, working 9-5, and associating with other humans, is that sometimes we think within the box.
You hear the same thing from many people and soon you start to believe it. It takes a lot of guts and energy to argue against
your peers day in and day out. For many years most people believed the world was flat. We need to think outside the box.
We don’t have all the answers, we are not even close. Our technology is really quite primitive in so many ways.
We still know so little about our own oceans for example. How can we explain UFOs? We can’t.

When you go to Lake Ashi and pay the yen to rent that goose boat I know you are dying to paddle around in,look up at the trees, you may get a big surprise. Tell our friends, “Kevin sent me, take me to your leader.”

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