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Editorial, why does Hakone get all the Love?

It`s interesting to me, how everyone talks about Hakone. It is a very nice place, but no one mentions Izu, Doryosan, or the Daiyuzan Trail.
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<h3>Doryosan or Saijoji as it is also Known as</h3>

Doryosan is one of the most beautiful temples in Japan! It is also a secret. The Daiyuzan train line was built just so people could get to Doryosan more easily. It is nestled amongst old growth cedar trees. If you can find a more beautiful temple in a more beautiful setting. Please tell us! You can hike the picturesque Daiyuzan Trail up to Doryosan, or take a bus from Daiyuzan train station (Daiyuzan line). Nearby is Only Yu Hot Spring, which was voted one of the top 5 hot springs in the Hakone area.
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<h3>Beautiful Izu</h3>

Izu is gorgeous too, with crashing waves along the coast, flower gardens, one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan, and spectacular viewpoints. But it isn`t the flavour of the month, so no one talks about Izu, nor promotes Izu very much. Hakone gets all the limelight.

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<h3>Odawara Castle</h3>
It`s funny! As one who has lived in the area for over 25 years, and knows the sites well, I`m surprised that Odawara Castle doesn`t get more love. I`m also surprised that Gotemba`s Outlet Mall generates more interest than a fantastic historical site like Odawara Castle. Seriously people! You would rather go shopping, something you can do anywhere, and not see one of Japan`s most famous castles?

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<h3>Mount Fuji</h3>

Tourists often want to go to Mount Fuji. I feel this is a mistake. “Fujisan,” is prettier from fairly far away. Up close it is a mountain of black volcanic rock. But from far away, Fuji is very pretty. I want to eat Fuji like ice cream! But if you enjoy hiking or climbing mountains, or you want to be able to tell your friends or grandchildren that you climbed Mount Fuji, then maybe it is worth it!
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