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Airbnb launches Japanese Insurance Scheme

Dear Host,

We are delighted that you are part of the Airbnb host community in Japan!

We are happy to inform you that with effect from 10 July 2018, we have launched a new Japan Host Insurance program that is specific to the Japanese market. This program covers every host in Japan by providing protection against third party liability claims and property damage up to 100 million yen under one integrated insurance policy, subject to policy conditions, limitations and exclusions. This insurance is free for every host in Japan for every guest reservation made.

Existing hosts (i.e., those that were already hosts prior to 10 July 2018 in Japan will be automatically transitioned from being covered by our global Host Protection Insurance and host guarantee programs to being covered by the Japan-specific Japan Host Insurance program and should experience no interruption in coverage. Those who join our host community in Japan after 10 July 2018 will be automatically covered by this Japan Host Insurance program.

For your convenience, a summary of the new Japan Host Insurance program can be found here:

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