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What are your experiences with the Japanese Police?

What have your experiences been like with the Japanese Police?

The Machidanian

What are your experiences with the Machida police, good, bad or none at all. When did they occur? Would you be willing to let me publish them in The Machidanian, my blog about life in Machida? Either anonymously or by name?

Email me:  kevinsenglishschools at

How do the Japanese people feel about the police?  Amnesty United would concur:

“The public is thankful to the police authorities for their action in controlling gangsters….However, it must be pointed out criticisms are raised against this action….because the police is relentless in arresting people….and there are many innocent men arrested who are not gangsters at all.”

-p. 269 Japan`s Feet of Clay, Volume 9, Freda Utley

Again, sadly, this is all so true today.

Bob, Caucasian:

I`ve had no problems with the Machida police.

Bill, Caucasian:

I was stopped several times last year, riding my bike to work. Each time, they asked for…

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