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Yes, Japan is Unique, but it`s not Your Fantasy Land

I’ve thought about writing this post for a long time. There were some days and weeks over the past year when I’d witness such poor behavior from foreign visitors in Japan that I was honestly close to writing it. But then I would close my notebook and put it aside.

I don’t feel like some other bloggers do about needing to be incessantly positive all the time. I’ve always found as much as people like the upbeat posts, the ones that question and challenge and describe sometimes difficult realities are some of the most appreciated posts.

I guess one of the reasons I put it aside is because I know that not every foreign tourist behaves badly in Japan. I’ve traveled enough around this planet to know that it’s not culture or race that determines whether someone is good or bad, and I come at this topic from the unique perspective of a long-term resident of Japan, who grew up in a Western country.

I can see things from both a foreign and a Japanese cultural perspective, and I like to think this gives me a “well-rounded” window into why people behave the way they do.

Naturally, as someone who writes about travel and a whole lot about travel in Japan, I’m happy Japan is opening up to tourism and more than ever before people are coming and enjoying what this country has to offer.     Read More


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