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Parcabout, have you heard of it?!

Come and discover this attractive park!

Have you heard of “Parcabout”? It is a fun and unique attraction in the world, and it just arrived in Japan in July 2017. Parcabout was originally from Groixisland in France and was set up in 2007. This beautiful small island was developed by fishing industry. However, they had a serious depopulation problem as young people wanted to move to big cities. To prevent from the problem, they produced this Parcabout using fishing nets and solved the problem successfully. For now, only three countries (France, UK, and Japan) have Parcabout and the only one in Japan is in Minamiashigara!

What is Parcabout? It is huge nets and allows you to move freely between trees. These huge nets are attached 3-8 meters above the ground, which means it makes you feel as if walking in the air. You can leap, bounce, jump, roll and even play soccer, basketball and more. There are not only play grounds but also a healing area just in case you get tired. It is accessible to all, young and old.

To take these advantages of the nets, here are some advice and safety instructions.

・Each participant must be e quipped with closed toe shoes, spots shoes are the best.

・It is advisable to wear long sleeves and trousers to avoid bare legs and arms from friction burnt.

・Children under 3 years must be accompanied by an adult and can play only in kids area.

Each climbing session is for 2 hours. If you are exhausted after that, the “Only Yu Onsen” is the best place to recover from the tiredness. It is located about 5 minutes’ walk from there.

Parcabout Details

Address: 1544 Hiromachi, Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa

Phone number: 0465-46-8879

Open hours: 9am-5pm( April-October) / 9am-4pm (November-March)

Cost: ¥2,500 (Over 6 years old) / ¥700 (3-6 years old) / Free (Under 3 years old)

Access: Car/ 1.5 hour drive from central Tokyo

Train/ Odawara station on Daiyuzan line to Daiyuzan station (21 minutes)

Bus/ Daiyuzan station to Only Yu bus station (7 minutes)

Near the Parcabout, there is another attraction, “Tobi-Tengu Zipline”. Parcabout and

4 / 4

this Zipline are in the same park called Maruta no mori.

Tengu is one of demons called yokai. They have red faces, long noses, large wings, and special abilities such as fly, physical strength and magical powers. Total length of the Zipline is 1060m. The nature in the park is amazingly beautiful in 4 seasons, so you can feel it during the time. It would be so much fun that you can move in the forest like Tengu!

Tobi Tengu has been closed until March in 2018. The schedule after April will be posted on web site. Please check the site (only in Japanese) for more information.

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