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Izu`s Jogasaki & Shirahama Coasts

Izu`s Jogasaki and Shirahama Coasts

Izu`s Jogasaki Coast is highly recommended!  The views are stunning!  To me, Jogasaki is the highlight of Izu, with waves crashing upon the rocky shoreline, and seagulls diving down for a tasty meal.

The Shirahama Coast

Further down the eastern side of the Izu Penninsula is the Shirahama Coast.  Near Shimoda is one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan.  It has clear water and beautiful white sand.  It`s as close to tropical Hawaiian getaway as you can have on Honshu.

Also near Shimoda is Kisami Ohama Beach.  It has interesting rocks, and a picturesque shoreline.  It is popular with surfers.

Shimoda itself is famous for being the site where Perry`s Black ship arrived.  It is an interesting, small port city, full of shops and good restaurants.  I recommend staying near one of the beautiful beaches near Shimoda however, if you are an ocean and beach lover like me.


Just north of the Shirahama Coast is Kawazu.  It`s most famous for its early blooming, pink cherry blossoms that bloom in February and March.  Also, be sure to see the 7 waterfalls of Kawazu.  You can walk to all 7!

Shirahama Beach

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