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The Top 5 Spas in Odawara and Minamiashigara

The Top 5 Spas in Odawara and Minamiashigara

Both cities, Odawara and Minamiashigara are located to the east of Kanagawa prefecture and are adjacent to Hakone. Let find nice relaxing spas!

by Rie

Manyounoyu(Odawara city)


1-5-14 Sakaecho, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0011

Manyounoyu is a spa that anyone can casually enjoy. Its building has six stories.

1s floor: Reception, Locker rooms, Souvenier shops

2n floor: Hall, 10 rental rooms, Kids’ land, Internet corner, Manga(comic) corner

3rd floor; Restaurant, Free rest space, Massage corner

4th floor; Esthetic salon, Relax room for women only

5th floor; Large baths separated by genders

6th floor; Open air baths separated by genders, 3 private open-air baths

5minutes walk from Odawara station

Adults: \2,300 and tax

6-12 years old: \1,200 and tax

3-6 years old; \900 and tax

0-3 years old: \0

Private bath: \3,100 and tax per hour

Rental room: \2,500 and tax per hour

*Swim suits are not permitted.

Open 24 hours

Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa(Odawara city)


583-1 Nebukawa, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0024

This gorgeous resort contains hotel, golf course, spa and esthe. Anyone other than staying guests can use the spa.

Natural hot spring large bath

There are open air bath that has impressive view, indoor bath, cold water bath and sauna.

Adults: \1,700 and tax

4~12 years old: \1,000 and tax

Open hours: 9:00~21:00

*Swim suits are not permitted.

Bade zone

Large and relaxing swimming pool and whirlpool bathtub are available, too. So make sure you pack your bathing suit!

“The swimming pool is fantastic!  You must try it if you stay here!  You can also swim in the pool as a visitor.  Your kids will love it!”  –Kevin Burns

Adults: \3,500 and tax

4~12 years old: \2,000 and tax

Open hours: 9:00~21:00

By public transportation:

Odawara ➡ 7 minutes by Tokaido Line ➡ Complimentary shuttle bus is available(

2 services per hour)

Only Yu(Minamiashigara city)


1520-1 Hiromachi, Minamiashigara, Kanagawa 250-0121

Only Yu provides comfortable atmosphere to enjoy healing hot spring. Experience the open air hot spring surrounded by beautiful forest! You will listen to the music of the birds and the murmuring of a stream flowing nearby. *Swim suits are not permitted.

Adults: \1,800 and tax

6~12 years old: \900 and tax

Open hours: 10:00~21:30

At Yururi restaurant, you can enjoy buffet style meal that serves a variety of healthy dishes with local foods.

Adults: \1,800 and tax

6~12 years old: \1,250 and tax

4~5 years old: \900 and tax

Saijoji Daiyuzan Temple to Only Yu Hiking

By public transportation:

Odawara ➡ 21 minutes by Daiyuzan Line ➡ Daiyuzan ➡ 8 minutes by Izuhakone Bus( 3 services per day), complimentary shuttles are also available.

Only Yu Homepage

Tennen Onsen Koronano Yu in Korona World(Odawara city)


219-4 Maekawa, Odawara, Kanagawa 256-0813

Korona world is a amusement facility that has movie theater, karaoke lounge, video arcade and pachinko parlor. In one of them, there is a wide public bath. It is popular among local people.

Indoor and open air bath, sauna, free rest space, esthe, massage and restaurant are available.

*Swim suits are not permitted.

Adults: weekdays \700 weekends and holidays \800

3~12 years old: \300 Open hours: 10:00~25:00 By public transportation:

Odawara ➡ 6 minutes by Tokaido Line ➡ Kamonomiya ➡ 7 minutes by taxi

Nakajima Yu(Odawara city)


2-5-5 Nakacho, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0005

Nakajima Yu had been built about 80 years ago with traditional Japanese style. It is a place where local people gather for chat session. Nakacho town has a local feel, so visit and touch the ordinary people’s life.          *Swim suits are not permitted.

Adults: \400

12~16 \180

Under 12 years old: \80

Open hours: 15:30~21:30

Closed on every Tuesday

10 minutes walk from Odawara station

Hot Springs that allow Tattoos

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