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Looking for Writers for I am Hakone


We are looking for writers for I am Hakone who can write in English or Japanese, or both!

I am is an online travel magazine about what to see, eat and do in Hakone, Izu, Odawara, Minamiashigarashi, Kaisei Town and Yamakita.

We need:

Restaurant reviews, articles about things to do (including how to get there), hotel reviews, anything that a traveler to our area might want to know.

*No experience necessary. We want people who love to write!

Writing Guide:

check the articles here at I am Hakone for style and length.

We need original, well written articles about Hakone, Izu, Odawara, Minamiashigarashi and Kaisei.


We will pay you ¥1,000 for each 300-500 word article in English.

We will pay 1,000 Yen for each A4 size article in Japanese.

*Articles must be your original article, not computer generated or copied!

To apply by email:

Contact: Kevin Burns

*Tell us how often you can submit an article – your deadline schedule.
Once a month? Once every two weeks, once a week?

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Writer and teacher in Japan

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