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Where can you get Halal food in Hakone area?

Most of the Indian restaurants in Hakone, Odawara, Minamiashigarashi, Kaisei Town and Matsuda serve Halal food.   Some of the food at sushi restaurants, like Hamazushi in Minamiashigarashi is Halal.   You can also buy some Halal food at supermarkets like FujiSupa.

Hakone Yukiyo

Requires advanced reservations but serves Halal food.

*Also Daruma Ryoriten Restaurant in Odawara offers Halal food.

Cafe Restaurant Kurumi

(Turkish Restaurant and Store)

-Halal food


2-7-37 Minamiyana , Hadano-shi, Kanagawa 257-0003

Tel 0463-67-0337

Ghafor is the very kind chef. He can speak English, Japanese, Turkish and perhaps even Farsi. His wife is Japanese and they operate the restaurant together.

Kurumi is near Tokaidaigakumae Station on the Odakyu line.  You can buy Halal food in their store or eat in their restaurant.  Both are near the train station, and very near to Tokai University, which has many Islamic students.  Halal Food along the Odakyu Line

In Atsugi (Hon Atsugi Station, Odakyu Line):

Halal Hut “Atsugi”  –  SHP-ONL-TRD
TEL      046-227-4799
Eiko Atsugi Vila 104, 3-15-14 Ashahi-cho, Atsugi-shi


Rasha  –  ONL
TEL     046-205-2009
421-1 Nakaechi, Atsugi-shi

Tokyo & Yokohama

There are many Halal restaurants all over Tokyo and Yokohama.

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