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Kurumi Store & Restaurant: Where to get Halal food in our area?

Kurumi Turkish Restaurant in Hiratsuka

Near Tokaidaigakumae train station is a halal restaurant and store.  It is a  Turkish restaurant popular with Islamic students as well as Japanese people.

Take the Odakyu express train from Shinjuku and transfer to a local train at Hon Atsugi. From Hon Atsugi, Tokaidaigakumae Station is just 4 stops. Kuremi is near the Station.

How to get to Kurumi?

A: Tell the taxi driver: “Kurumi Restaurant.”

B: Walk out of the main exit of Tokaidaigakumae Station. Go left along the Main Street. At the intersection after the supermarket turn right. Go up the hill until you find the Kurumi Restaurant and store.
“Tokai University has a lot of Islamic international students, so nearby Bento (packed lunch) shops also sell halal bentos.” —Tokai University website

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