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How to see Mount Fuji?

You can see Mount Fuji between Tsukahara and Wadagahara Stations of the Daiyuzan line!

From Lake Ashi in Hakone or a drive to Gotemba, you can get some fantastic views of Mount Fuji. Lake Kawaguchi (Kawaguchiko) is near Gotemba. You can see Mount Fuji towering over you from there. Best to have a car to reach Gotemba and Lake Kawaguchi. But they can be reached by bus.

To see Mount Fuji from Kevins Guest  House, you can go straight up the main street, past Daiyuzan Station, go through the tunnel, and keep walking into Kaisei Town. Go past the Starbucks and Dennys restaurant and look back, you will see Mount Fuji if she wants you to see her.  She is very shy, except in the winter time, when she is feeling proud of herself.  She likes to show herself when she is dressed in white.  She does not like to show off in the summertime. 

Option B: Walk from Kevin`s Guest to the Kari River.  At the bridge head to the right along the river.  Keep walking. Walk along the river until you can see Fuji.

You can actually see a little of Fuji from the bridge 50 metres away from Kevin`s, if there is no mist.

*You can also take a bus to Shin Matsuda Station from Daiyuzan Station (Sekimoto Bus Center).  From there you can see Fuji well.

img_0667Sometimes the only view of Fuji you will get is this one, if she is feeling shy in summertime.

From Merry Lues Guest House you cross the river and keep walking away from Merry Lue`s.  Then keep looking back until you can see Fujisan.  Fuji is only 57 kms away, but she is hidden by our local mountains.  You can actually see a little of Fuji from our second floor window, if there is no mist in front of her.

*If you have a car, check a map and drive towards Odawara arena or Shin Matsuda Station.  You can get great views of Fuji from both.

Option B.  The Kari River is 60 metres from Merry Lues Guest House.  Walk past Tamura Shokudo Restaurant to the river. (go left out of our parking lot to the river). At the river, head left or right and keep walking until you can see Mount Fuji.  *But you wont be able to see Fuji if it is misty around her.

From Tokai University:

You can see fantastic views of Mount Fuji. Tokai is in nearby Hiratsuka.

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