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The Best Places to Listen to Music in Hakone and Odawara

Speaking of Odawara and Hakone area, they are one of the best tourist attractions in Japan.If you have a chance to visit there, what kind of place would you like to go to?

This region located in the southeast of Mt. Fuji, there are lots of places to amuse visitors.I will introduce some places where you can touch the music.

by Yuriko

1.The road is singing?

“Melody pave of Ashinoko Skyline” (Melody road)

One of the Hakone road where you can see Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashinoko, it’s

Ashinoko Skyline. If you drive here by car, in addition to enjoy the beautiful view, you can also enjoy the melody which you can hear from the road!

To tell the truth, it’s one of measure to prevent excessive speed. It’s adjusted the interval of grooves which is dug on the road surface, and the noise made by the tire and the road surface to be heard as music. There is a signboard beside the road, so this place will be easy to find.

But this will not be heard as a melody unless you will drive legal speed of 40 kilometers.

Please keep in mind safety driving and enjoy the music which is played by the road.

☆The places where you can hear and name of songs

1. The lane heading from Kojiri to Hakone mountain pass, it’s located before the toll gate.

Song: ” The theme song of anime Evangelion” which Hakone was used as the stage

2. The lane heading from Hakone mountain pass to Kojiri, it’s located past the rest house of Shakusi mountain pass.

Song: The song of Mt. Fuji “Mountain of Fuji”

☆Ashinoko Skyline Management Office Tel: 0460-83-6361

2.The Moment to be healed by the music and Venetian glassware.

“Hakone Garasunomori Museum”

Venetian glassware which the medieval European noble loved.The delicate and elegant brilliancy has still attracted people since the olden days. In this museum, you can enjoy not only about 100 exhibited, but also enjoy making your work at experience workshop.

There is a cafe restaurant and you can also enjoy authentic Italian canzone.

Performances are held 6 times a day, and 365 days! This art museum where you can appreciate art with eyes, and appreciate the music with your ears.

There are also exhibit contemporary glassware and special exhibition.

How about this place to heal you?


1.Hakone tozan bus from Odawara station (Kojiri Togendai line).

2.Hakone tozan bus from Hakone-yumoto Station (Kojiri Togendai Line).


940-48 Sengokubara, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun

☆Phone: 0460-86-3111

3.You might meet a record of memories.

” Music Collection Room of Hakone Kitahara Museum ”

There are lots of exhibits such as about 3,000 tin, and celluloid antique toy, and motion display made in the United States which were decorated in show window of the jewelry store. The were made from 1900 to 1970.

About 400 records of Japanese and Western music album are decorated on all over the wall in the music collection room. You may the encounter to something about your country in Japan. It may be interesting to compare the jacket design of album between Japan and overseas.


Hakone Tozan Railway from Odawara station. It takes 5 minutes on foot from Hakone Yumoto station.

(There is a free shuttle bus from Hakone Yumoto Station) ☆Address:

740 Yumoto Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun

☆Phone: 0460-85-6880

4.The specialist of Japanese traditional culture.

“Geigi” (Geisha)

There is a traditional entertainment called “Ozashiki asobi” in Japan. Ozashiki is the room where tatami (Japanese traditional floor material) are spread. The people who have trained as a specialist to enliven the banquet are called “Geigi” (as known as called “Geisha”). The geigi show performances and so on.

The Japanese traditional musical instruments called shamisen are used for the performing. It shaped like a guitar, and the sound is unique.

There is a band organized of geigi called “Basara”, and you can also enjoy the music which is mixed of Japanese tradition and contemporary music.

☆Geigi Inquiries: Hakone Yumoto Entertainment Cooperative

☆Telephone : 0460-85-5338

5.Enjoy the music with drinks.

“Live House”

It might happen to you to want to listen to the music even on your travel. It also might happen to someone to want to play the musical instruments.I will introduce two live houses near Odawara station to these people like you..

If you want to listen to the music, “SPATS”

Various music such as pops and oldies are played here.(mainly jazz) You can enjoy the music relaxingly with drinks of all over the world and foods made by chef. There are some counter seat, and it will easy to enter if you come here by only yourself.

☆Address: 2nd Houtoku Building B-1 1-3-13 Sakaecho Odawara City

☆Phone : 0465-20-2421

If you want to play, “JakaJaka”

You can play the stage for 30 minutes.

Although reservation first, but if there is a vacancy, you can play without a reservation. You can also use music instrument there, so it’s okay to visit there empty-handed. Since various music lover gather here, we can enjoy sessions with them.

☆Address: 9-7 2 – chome Sakaecho Odawara City

☆Phone: 0465-23-8485


Shalomar Nightclub & Halloween 

*There is a fantastic Halloween Party at Shalomar Night Club near Odawara Station. Don’t miss it if you are in Odawara over Halloween, plus the soul music at Shalomar is great!

If you need Halloween costume accessories check out, haleysheadbands.

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