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Saya`s Selections: Cheap Restaurants in Hakone Yumoto

beer-gardenSaya`s Selections: Cheap Restaurants in Hakone-Yumoto

1. The Original Hakone bakery

Can be found at the Hakone Yumoto main building. You can enjoy freshly baked bread, crisp croissants and many other delicious slices of bread.

17 minutes on foot from Hakone Yumoto Station (They also have another branch inside Odawara Station, near the Shinkansen exit -ed.)

by Saya Bradley


Located in the food court in the Mitsuki Building, just in front of Hakone Yumoto Station, they have a large selection of hamburgers, curries, and ramen including local ingredients.

· 2 minutes on foot from Hakone Yumoto Station

Pictured: Lake Ashi
3. Yama soba

Enjoy some Buckwheat noodles ground carefully with stone mills, with the famous water of Hakone. Temprura Soba is a popular menu item.

· 2 minutes on foot from Hakone Yumoto station

4. Nisshin Tei

Here you will have a look at some local history, of about half a century, of the original “Hakone Yumoto hand-rolled ramen.”   You will see how it was made for 50 years.  Nisshin Tei is convenient for going to and from Hakone sightseeing spots, because it is near Hakone Yumoto station. Next, to the entrance, there is a glass-clad showroom, where you can see the handmade noodle demonstration. It is reputed that you will not tire of eating the somewhat narrow noodles.  Noodles that were struck for 3 hours. “Hakone Yumoto Hikara China Nisshin Tei” added playfulness to certain techniques. We have a wealth of meal sets.

· 3 minutes on foot from Hakone Yumoto station

5. Hatsuhana Soba Original

“Wanna eat some good soba noodles? Carefully selected ingredients make a unique old-fashioned soba everyone should try while visiting Hakone.”   Great soba noodles can be had here!

· 5 minutes on foot from Hakone Yumoto Station

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