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Daiyuzan Forest, a favorite of Forest Bathers

Hakone area

Daiyuzan Forest, Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa

It is true that the growing fame of Daiyuzan Forest and Daiyuzan Trail, the path through this old growth forest (a rarity in Japan), is gaining world wide fame for the spiritual feeling the place bestows on those fortunate enough to walk through this natural wonder.    Forest bathers and hikers love the area, they love hiking up to Doryosan Temple, one of Japan`s best temples, as stated by many tourists to the area.

In a way, it is great that Doryosan is still a secret.  As one can avoid the throngs that regularly pack Nikko and Kyoto!  Shhh!  Don`t tell anyone.

Daiyuzan Forest is just up the hill from Kevin`s Guest House in the Iizawa area of Minamiashigarashi, in Kanazawa Prefecture.  Another local landmark is Daiyubashi (orDaiyu Bridge in English).

But what is the Japanese custom of Forest bathing exactly?

And why should you consider doing it?


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