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Italian Restaurants in Odawara 

Italian Restaurants

‘Officina della Cuccina’ CIBO & Co.
is a wonderful little Italian-style restaurant located in Odawara. Owned and run by a Japanese couple, the husband (and chef) lived overseas, and both speak very good English. I cannot say enough good things about this restaurant, but I’ll try! First, the atmosphere. The restaurant is housed on the first floor of an old Meiji era building, and the couple lives upstairs. The ceiling is really high, and is an rich chocolate brown. The walls are white, covered in a handwritten English blackboard menu, and an number of old black and white photos. There are only about 4 (four person) tables, which can be split into 8 (two person) tables if necessary. A similar restaurant in Japan would put twice as many in the same space. The tables themselves are huge, as are the placemats! The next table felt so far away, it was if they weren’t even there. The front of the restaurant looks out onto route 1, the view is through old, thick, blurry glass, and there are a couple of cute tables right in front, which add to the atmosphere. The care put into the decor matches that of what you’d find in Tokyo, NYC, or even Italy itself! Even the music was perfect. Classy and romantic, I do not feel like I’m in Odawara when I’m eating here!
Then, there’s the food. It is incredible! There were four of us. We split two appetizers (they are quite large), ordered our own main dishes, drank two bottles of red wine, and then had coffee and dessert. The total was around 18000, or 4500 each. It was well worth the money. This is definitely not ‘family restaurant’ food, this is real gourmet.
The Menu:
I Antipasti (all 1300 yen)
*Appetizer Mix, Toscana Style*Mixed Organic Salad*Tomato, Mozzarella, and Prosiuto Salad*Today’s Shellfish & Mixed Mushrooms w/ Garlic Butter*Steamed Mussels with Black Pepper Essence*Today’s Carpaccio*Organic Veg Stick Salad w/ Anchovie Sauce*Mixed Italian Cheese
Carni e Pesci
*Grilled Rib Steak with Organic Salad 2500*Deep Stewed Beef Cheek in Sangiovese Wine 1800*Grilled Herb Marinated Organic Chicken Leg 1400*Roasted Porkloin with Marsala Wine Sauce 1800*Today’s Fish Dish 1800
Pasta e Risotti (all 1500 yen)
*Organic Veg & Fresh Tomato with Spaghettini*Clam and Mussels with Spaghettini*Crab & Tomato Sauce with Bavettine*Prawn, Zucchini, & Tomato with Bavettine*Duck Ragu with Rigatoni*Fried Organic Veg & Anchovie Cream with Fusilli*Asparagus Risotto Blended w/ White Truffle Essence*Prawn & Tomato Cream Risotto*Seafood Risotto*Seafood Risotto Saffron Cream
I Dolci (desserts – all 400 yen)
*Pannacotta*Tiramisu*Baked Mascalpone Cheese Tart*Today’s Ice Cream or Sherbet
There are also ‘Specials’ each day.
We started with the ‘Appetizer Mix Toscana Style’ and ‘Tomato, Mozzarella, and Prosiuto Salad’, both of which were delicious. I had the roasted porkloin, which came with vegetables, was huge, and it melted in my mouth. The fish of the day was sea bream, it also came with vegetables, and was incredible! One of us had the organic veg & fresh tomato with spaghettini, a large delicious portion. And, the prawn, zucchini, and tomato with bavettine (a pasta similar to fetticine), also wonderful, and with a spicy ‘kick’! Desserts and coffees, all wonderful as well. I really didn’t need the dessert, I was so full from the meal. Luckily, if you can’t eat all your food, asking for a ‘to-go’ bag is not a problem. Also, unlike many Japanese restaurants, if you have a special order (no onions, extra spicy, whatever) the chef will be happy to accomodate you.
House Wine is 500 a glass, 1500 a decanter, and 2500 a bottle. It is South African, and is very tasty. If you don’t want the ‘house’, there is a selection of other wines to choose from.CIBO & Co. is open from 12:00 to 14:00, and 18:00 to 22:00, last order is at 21:00. They are closed on Thursday, and the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
The lunch menu is a selection of meals from the dinner menu.
CIBO & Co. is located at 3-2-53 Minami-cho, Odawara. Pass Gusto on Route 1, it is just before the ‘Hayakawa-guchi’ signal (and the Tokaido Line tracks) if you are heading toward Hakone. Or, heading from the castle through the new tunnel, turn left at the ‘Hayakawa-guchi’ signal, and it will be on your right just one block down. There are a couple of parking spaces behind the restaurant. Their phone number is: 0465-24-3552
I would not recommend this restaurant for small children. But, for anyone who wants an incredible meal, in a fantastic atmosphere, CIBO & Co. is the place to go!
–Sandra Golinski

Merry Lue`s General Store
Merry Lue`s General Store

in Minami Ashigara, ten minutes from Odawara Station on the Daiyuzan Line sells books in English and Japanese, games and hobby items, toys, used clothes, antiques and more. Visit us at our address: 2659-4 Tsukahara, Minami Ashigara Shi (across from the FujiSupa) near Iiwahara and Tsukahara Stations, or shop online at the link above.
is a new Italian restaurant in the Robinson’s Mall. It islocated on the top floor, just to the right as you come up theescalators located at the very front of the building. Galileo’s is a REAL Italian restaurant. The owner is Galileo Savanstano, fromNapoli. He recently moved to Odawara with his Japanese wife. He hada restaurant in Tokyo for a number of years and he runs an Italianimport/export business. This restaurant is his new hobby!
During Golden Week, Galileo had a good friend of his here from Italy,one of the chefs of a professional Italian racing team. He wascooking up all kinds of delicious authentic Italian dishes. Otherstaff members were also visiting from Italy. Even without the special chef, everything is always delicious. The regular Japanese chef studied in Italy for three years. And, Galileo is always there to make sure everything comes out the way he knows it should be.Prices are reasonable and there is a good selection of dishes.
Japanese Italian restaurants are pretty good. I have eaten at the other one in Robinsons (located on the same floor, in the very front of the building) a number of times. But, if you really want anItalian ‘experience’, go to Galileo’s. Galileo welcomes every guestwith a smile and a smattering of Italian and Japanese (he speaks someEnglish as well). He glides among the tables making small talk andmaking sure everything is just right. He makes a delicious cup of real Italian espresso, and the Capri ‘Lemoncello’ liquor isabsolutely delicious.
I was in Italy for spring break for my honeymoon. Eating at Galileo’s takes me back there. Unbeatable hospitality, a warm atmosphere, and authentic Italian food. I strongly recommend you try it (tell him Sandra sent you!)
Telephone: 0465-48-2699
–Samantha Leggett



is an Italian restaurant located near the Kaisei- Minamiashigara border, just before Denny’s, on the road leading from Matsuda (across the Ashigara-ohashi). It is on the 2nd floor just above a small car dealership, across from the new ‘self-serve’ gas station.
Lunch is from 11am to 2pm, dinner is from 5pm to 11pm. There is enough seating for about 30 people, and there is a nice view of Fuji and the Hakone mountains (on a clear day). There is also a large parking area.
There are lunch specials daily, which I strongly recommend. The appetizers are fantastic! Especially the miniature bread bowlfilled with melted cheese. The pastas are also very nice, and are reasonably priced. Majieru has an upbeat atmosphere, with English ‘pop’ music always playing in the background. The staff is friendly and efficient.Alcohol is available (beer, coctails, whiskey, wine,…). Majieru is especially good for hosting events. They have a number ofavailable ‘plans’:
*Daytime Plan: Salad, Pizza, Pasta, Dessert, and and refillable soft drinks for 1 hour. 2:30 to 4pm (not on Sundays or holidays). Use of the karaoke machine,… For 15 people or more, at 2000 yen each.
*Gurume Plan: Soup, Appetizer (5 different ‘items’), salad, pizza, beef stew, pasta, dessert, and a drink service?? for 10 people or more at 3500 per person.
*There are other plans to choose from as well, some include alcohol. You can also put together your own plan!
There telephone number is: 0465-82-0335 Reviewed by Sandra GolinskiNow that you have heard Sandra`s take on Minami Ashigara`s Villa de Pizza! Here iswhat Ryoji Abe had to say about the same eatery:
“Majeal is located in Minami Ashigara City near the Takematsu Cross Road. Once youget to the cross road just ask anyone around, and they can point you to the restaurant.
I go to Majeal 5-6 times a year. I usually order a pepperoni pizza, a large as it tastesso good! Frankly I enjoy their pizzas so much I rarely order anything else, though I`msure they are very good too! (I confess I am not brave enough to choose anything else).
You don`t need to make reservations, just go and enjoy some great Italian food!
Cost: 4.5/5 starsFood: 4.5/5 stars”–Ryoji Abe
The Grazie Italian Restaurant in Odawara
by Tomohiro I.
Grazie Gardens Odawara-ten


3-5-13 Ogi-cho, Odawara City, Kanagawa

My wife and I had dinner at the Grazie restaurant last month. It`s anItalian restaurant. We ordered a bottle of wine, pizza, pasta, fried squid, and asalad. The food was good! The bill was cheap too–it came to only about 25 dollarsUS.
I`ll go back to this restaurant in April
Cost: 4/5Food: 3/5

4 Stars (Italian) Etsuko Yoshida also reviewed Italy-Tei and it became her favourite restaurant! It is across thestreet from Odawara City Mall in Kamonomiya, Odawara. It is reasonably priced and they serve pizza, pasta, and delicousand cheap cake–only 300 Yen a piece! I recommend the salmon roe spaghetti. It is cute inside and a peaceful, relaxing placeto eat.–Yumiko Takeuchi

3.5 Stars (Italian and others)This restaurant has a very friendly, high energy staff. They great you at the door with a hearty welcome, and thewaiters and waitresses are blessed with pleasant, gregarious personalities. They are free with their advice on howto add syrup to their unique dish of fresh baked bread, butter and syrup. The offer a range of Italian dishes andfood from other nations. Go there for the atmosphere. It is a fun place for a birthday party, and you can take in amovie at the Virgin Cinemas next door if you go early enough. It is located on a small square–a rarity in Japan.Close your eyes and imagine you are in Europe or in the old town of a North American city.Between Robinsons and the Odawara City Mall. Ample parking available.
Macaroni Market:

3 Stars (Italian)The employees are very kind at this Italian restaurant. Their is no mild food here, the food tastes strong. The atmosphere isgood with a huge variety of people coming to savour the good food: older folks, children adults, and young people. It is located onRoute 1 near Kozu.–Naomi Yamaguchi
Other thoughts on Macaroni Market

Address: Route 1 at Sakawa in Odawara
I had dinner at this Italian restaurant with 3 friends last

week. It has an open kitchen and a pizza oven.
We ordered a pizza for two, spaghetti for 2 and a macaroni

salad. For dessert, I had pumpkin cake and coffee.

We paid 12,000 Yen. I`d go back to Macaroni Market.
–Kaori Yoshimura

(Italian) Located at 3-21-11 Minami Kamonomiya is a little’Italian Bistro’ – Pizaro. It is open from 11:30am to 10:30pm, and closes on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. The lunches here are incredible! Huge, western sized portions! Lunch is from 11:30 to 3:00, and you can choose from about 10 different selections. My favorite is the ‘chicken-cheese yaki’. A huge breaded breast of chicken covered in cheese and browned, served with marinara sauce, rice, salad, and a drink. All for 980 yen. Other choices include hamburger-steak, spagetti, cream pilaf, Japanese risotto, and more. The atmosphere is ‘cool’, and everyone is friendly. I imagine dinners are great too. Located on the same road that dead ends at the McDonalds on Route 1, it is near a 7-11 and a big ‘Hon-ten’ chain restaurant. The phone number is 48-3958.–Sandra Golinski

4 Stars (Italian)It’s a small restaurant and it has a familial character. I love the anchovi bread! It is near Odawara Station.

5 Stars (Italian) By far the best Italian restaurant in Odawara, Roa is also convenient and reasonable. The staff is also extremely nice,patient, and helpful! A 10 minute walk from the station, it is located on the same street as Tozan Supermarket, McDonalds, and the mainbridge into Odawara Castle. If you are walking toward the Castle, it is on a corner, on the right side, just a little bit before the castle groundsbegin. I would strongly recommend the ‘Pasta Course’. It is 2200 yen and includes a fantastic appetizer, salad, your choice of pasta, coffee or tea, and your choice of dessert. I’ve never had a pasta here that I didn’t like, but my personal favorite is the cannoloni. Large, long pasta tubes filled with spinach and meat, topped with a delicious marinara sauce and melted cheese. The desserts are also incredible. They change daily, and are accented with beautiful, edible flower pedals! For red wine drinkers, it is one of the only places in Odawara where the wine is room temperature, as it should be! There are other ‘courses’ available, and you can order ‘ala cart’ as well. Roa is open from 11am to a last order at 8:30pm (but, they give you as much time as you need to finish). They are closed on Monday. The phone number is 0465-23-4236. For a guaranteed fantastic dinner, Roa is the place to go!

–Sandra Golinski
“HI Mike,

Personally, I like CIBO better. It is not necessarily romantic, but it is a

better and more chic restaurant IMHO. Roa is nice too, but a little more typical

Italian-Japanese type restaurant. Occasionally CIBO is reserved for special

events – so if you really want to go, you should reserve. the owners speak

relatively good English and are sooo nice.

Bon appetit,

–Kirsten (Originally posted at the Odawara Bulletin Board)
For very cheap Italian food and a drink bar you can get no cheaper than Gusto or

Saizeria which are both chains which specialize in cheap yet edible Italian food.

Saizeria is located at the Oimachi side of Minami Ashigara Big Bridge (Minami

Ashigara O`hashi).
Gusto Kouzu-ten


3-18-12 Koyawata, Odawara City, Kanagawa

Gusto Odawara Kuwabara-ten


183-3 Kuwabara, Odawara City, Kanagawa

Gusto Odawara Minami-ten


2-2-60 Minami-cho, Odawara City, Kanagawa


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