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Good Japanese Restaurants in Odawara 

Japanese Restaurants

Hoyu: 4.5 Stars A little secret is that Hoyu really is just as delicious as Nazuna. Hoyu also serves great Japanese food and is located near Sagami Numata Station across from the Sotetsu Rosen Supermarket in Minami Ashigara City. –by Atsuko Tsunashima Kasen: 4 Stars


Kasen is located near Tsukahara Station on the Daiyuzan Linein Minami Ashigara City. Leave Tsukahara Station, get onto the main road and go right down the main road over the bridge. Keep going straight until you come to another small bridge, and turn left at the foot of the bridge. Go down the narrow road next to the river and you will see a very small restaurant–Kasen, on your left. Kasen is delightful because they serve their very own, original Japanese food. –by Atsuko Tsunashima
Nazuna: 4.5 Stars In Tomizu, Odawara. It is near Odawara Arena on the border of Hotaruda and Tomizu.I love Japanese food and Nazuna is the best in our old castle town. Why is it tops in my opinion? I think itmight be because they only use fruits and vegetables in season, and the food they serve is not only delicious,it looks beautiful too.–by Atsuko TsunashimaSagamino, an Udon Restaurant in Odawaraby Akihiko Kaneko
I had lunch in the Sagamino Restaurant last weekend. I ordered the donburiand udon set. This set included udon and tempura don, as well as a green salad.It cost about 800 Yen. In the childen`s menu, the meals are very cheap, only about200 Yen! I rate this restaurant as good.
Food and Cost: 3/5 Stars
Hosaka is located in downtown Odawara, near Odawara Station.
Just wanted to give you a head’s up on the restaurant. Hosaka is a very nice yakiniku restaurant with high quality beef, but like most yakiniku places it’s not cheap. The dinner will be 3000 yen. Drinks are additional. We should get a delicious meal and good service for that amount. Just wanted to let you know how much to expect to pay on our fantastic night out!
\4,000 ave for dinner

焼肉 穂坂 小田原店

Category Grilled meat/organs, Yakiniku (Grilled meat)

Address B1, 1F, 1-14-56, Sakaecho, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa, 250-0011 Map

Access JROdawara StationThe east exit 3-minute walk


Lunch 11:30-14:30 (14:00)

Dinner 17:00-23:00 (22:00)

CLOSE On Monday

(in the case of a holiday, I take a rest on Tuesday, the following day)

Phone 0465-23-4129
Shochiko: 4.5 Stars Located near Odawara Arena along the road parallel with the Odakyu line, Shochiku is a great okonomiyaki restaurant. If you head along to road from Odawara Arena towards Kayama Stn., Shochiku is right beside the first Family Mart you come across.At this shop, you don’t make the okonomiyaki yourself. However, the servings are big and the prices cheap. I recommend the negi-yaki.–Masako ThirSuzuhiro, one of Odawara’s famous kamaboko shop hasopened up a new cafe with a concept of slow-food in Daikanyama,Shibuya, TOKYO.
The URL is:
Menu lineups:
Location map:
–Takuya Misawa
Horumon Bar Genmaru
I had supper at the Horumon Bar Genmaru with a friend two

weeks ago. It is a hormon and motsunabe bar. It is near

Kamonomiya Station on the Tokaido Line (one stop from

Odawara Station). I like hormon foods very much.
I ordered a hoppy and hormon and Japanese motsunabe steak.

Our meals came to a total of 6,500 Yen. I`d go back to

–Tomohiro Ogawa
Kurawanka Homepage
Is a very nice Izakaya. The interior is very beautiful, and hints at traditional Japan

but with a modern ambience and flare.
Beer and good Japanese food, and a party atmosphere is what Kurawanka is all about.

Located in downtown Odawara near the station.

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