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The Top 10 Attractions in Hakone

“The Top 10 Attractions in Hakone.”Hakone is located in the west of Kanagawa Prefecture with panoramic views,
historical spots and exciting amusement parks. It is also a most popular hot
spring resort area in Japan.

by Rie
Here are my top 10 recommendations:

1. Owakudani
Owakudani, the Great Boiling Valley, was created about 3,100 years ago
by steam explosions. You can walk around the boiling spring source. The best
transportation is by ropeway (gondola) from Sounzan station or Togendai Port. Enjoy sky
trip viewing and an active volcanic zone which also sources Hakone with hot springs.  As well you can see the Mt.Fuji view.
“Kurotamago,” or a black egg which was boiled in a hot spring at Owakudani, must be
a nice snack for you. Legend has it that abKurotamago egg will extend your life span
by 7 years!
Admission: Free

Pictured: Owakudani
2. Lake Ashi
Lake Ashi is a natural dammed lake by steam explosions of 3,100 years ago.
It has a area of  7.1 square kms and maximum water depth is 43.5m. The Hakone Pirate
Ship is famous for its luxury. There are some nice photo spots from the pirate ships, also you can enjoy the panoramic views of Mt. Fuji.
How to get there?

It`s a 35 to 45-minute bus ride from Hakone Yumoto station.

Pictured: Lake Ashi
3. Hakone Shrine
This shrine was established in 757 to worship a nine headed dragon by
Priest Mangan. Nowadays, it is known for obtaining fortune, protection
against evil and safe road travel.
Hakone Shrine is a 35-minute bus ride from Hakone Yumoto station and a 5-minute walk.
Admission: Free

4. Hakone Sekisho-ato
Sekisho-ato means the remains of a check point of the Edo period, to collect tax
and inspect people coming and going through ancient Tokaido Road linking
Edo(now Tokyo) and Kyoto. You can learn how people were inspected those
10-minute walk from Hakone-machi Port. Admission: 500


5. Narukawa Art Museum
This art museum exhibits various Nihonga (Japanese Painting) selected from
4,000 pieces of its collection ranging from works by great masters to fresh
young talents.

How to get to Narukawa Art Museum?
35-minute bus ride from Yumoto station. Admission:1,300


6.  Italian Venetian Glass Museum in Hakone

This is a world of Venetian glass spanning the work of artists from the 15-19th
centuries to today. Garden trees are decorated with thousands of crystal
glass beads. It must be worth a look!   You can also hear Italian singers in the cafe in the village.   It is like going to Italy for a day!

How to get there?
25-minutes bus ride from Hakone Yumoto station. Admission:\1,500

7. Hakone-en
It is an amusement park that contains the Prince Hotel, Hakone-en
Aquarium,small scale zoo, souvenir shops and restaurants. At Hakone-en
Aquarium, you can observe various fish from Sagami Bay(Kanagawa Pref.)
and Suruga Bay(Shizuoka Pref.). Staff transport fresh sea water all the way
from Suruga Bay everyday!

How to get there?
45-minute bus ride from Hakone Yumoto station.
Admission for Hakone-en: Free for Aquarium: \1,500

8. Yunessun
Yunessun Hot Spring Amusement Park is very exciting and relaxing spot in
Hakone. It has Swim Suit Area and Nakid Area. You can enjoy many kinds of
spas with all weather facilities. For example, Sake spa, spa with water slider
and The God’s Aegean Sea spa. Rental swim suits available.   Rain or shine, both would be fun days here.   We especially enjoyed the coffee bath.

How to get there?
20-minute bus ride from Hakone Yumoto station. Admission; \4,100

 Yunessan Hot Spring in Hakone

9 .Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village
Kamaboko is traditional Japanese sea food, steamed fish paste. At this
village, you can make, taste and shop Kamaboko.  If spam were fish, this would be it!
Admission: Free
Make authentic Kamaboko class:\1,500 (reservation needed)
10-minute train ride from Odawara station.
10. The Streets of Hakone Yumoto

The streets around Hakone Yumoto station are interesting. Hakone Yumoto station is the main station and the gateway to Hakone. It has a great tourist information office. Be sure to use it.   Staff there can speak English and other languages.

On the street,there are restaurants,souvenir shops,banks and post office not to mention
convenience stores, too. You can find interesting and hot souvenirs here and there.
Near the street, Forest Adventure Park is popular among young people and
Hakone Yuryo is a casual spa for tourists.    There are many hot spring spas all over Hakone Yumoto, so if you want to try a Japanese onsen, this is a great place to do it!

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