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The 5 Best Places for Children in Hakone

Lake Ashi Pirate Ship

The 5 Best Places for children in Hakone


by Saya Bradley

  1.  Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
    It is a hot spa leisure facility in the center of Hakone.It is aptly described as a “Hot spring theme park,” and numerous unique baths please couples and families.  Price: 2100yen (Bathing suit Area) & (No clothes Area) 1600yen/1200yen (Age 3-12 years old) Access:From Odawara Station take the HakoneTozan Bus or the Izu-Hakone Bus to Kowaki-en Bus stop (About 40 minutes) 810yen. Restaurant Cafe.


2)  The Hakone Pirate Ships

The Hakone Pirate Ships are sightseeing cruise ships, which are decorated as replicas of pirate ships.  It is a famous sight on Lake Ashi and a Hakone icon. From the deck of the Hakone Pirate Ships you can enjoy the scenery of Lake Ashi including the vermillion shrine gate of Hakone Shrine. There is even a small chance that the weather will be clear enough to allow a clear view of Mt Fuji. Especially in the winter time, you can get great views of Fuji!  Price:500yen

Access:approx. 35 min. to Togendai from Hakone-Yumoto Station by Hakone Tozan Bus (T Line) Restaurant Café .


3) Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History
The museum’s building is a unique design, and in the building, the museum displays various fossils of dinosaurs and ammonites, introduces the broad history of our planet earth through the theme of “earth”, “life”, “Kanagawa” and “symbiosis”. The museum has a super large size encyclopedia that contains many articles using real materials. There are also  theater shows and interactive videos for users to experience. Price: Adults:500yen Junior high school students and younger children: free

Access: Odawara Station Hakone Tozan railway (approximately 10 minutes) → Iriuda Station Restaurant Cafe:〇 closed on Mondays.


Hakone, St. Exupery

4) The museum of The Little Prince

The Little Prince Museum in Hakone is a tribute to the famous story written by the French author, pilot, and illustrator, Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The museum itself is like something from a storybook, situated along a winding road in lush and mountainous Hakone. Even children who are not crazy about museums will love The Little Prince Museum. Within it there is a small ‘village’ designed to look like France, with signs painted to look like Parisian bakeries, French food markets, and even a fade painted on one side of the building with a garden which makes you feel like you are at Versailles. Price:Adult:1600yen kids:700yen Access: Approximately 30 minutes by Hakone Tozan Bus from the Hakone Yumoto station on the Odakyu line. Get off at the Kawamukai Museum of The Little Prince bus stop.
Restaurant Cafe:〇

5) Hakone Open Air Museum
The Hakone Open-Air Museum opened in 1969 as the first open-air art museum in Japan. It is located in the grand nature of Hakone that was once called one of the most rugged paths in Japan. The garden with a view of the mountains of Hakone and the changing four seasons provides an ideal outdoor setting to show oversized sculptures. There are three areas where you can play inside the art. You will find your children are playing energetically among sculptures. This is a place to spend such a wonderful time. Price: 1600 yen (adults); 1100 yen (aged 65 and older, university and high-school students); 800 yen (middle and elementary school children) Access: The Hakone Open Air Museum is a few steps from Chokoku No Mori Station on the Hakone Tozan Railway(30 minutes, 400 yen from Hakone-Yumoto, covered by the Hakone Free Pass), the last station before the terminal station of Gora. From Gora, the museum is a 10-15 minutes.

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