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Hakone Yuryo Hot Spring

Hakone Yuryo Hot Spring is a taste of the real Japan.   Look no further!  Just take a train from Odawara to Hakone Yumoto.  It is open from 10am-9pm.  Swimsuits are not permitted and neither are tattoos at this particular hot spring.   There is no mixed bathing for children over 10 years of age and up.

by Kevin Burns

As well as beautiful hot springs Hakone Yuryo has a restaurant and store.   The area smells of sulfur a bit due to the sulfur content from the spring.   So this is different from Only Yu Hot Spring in Minamiashigarashi.

You can gaze at the mountain forest, listen to the birds, the water, and experience Japanese culture at its best.

If you are new to hot spring etiquette the staff can explain how to behave.  Be sure to bring your own towel, or you`ll need to rent one.

“Amazing place for a real onsen experience. Very easy to get there as they have a free shuttle from Hakone Yumoto Station.”

-P. Angelelli, Google Reviews

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