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Tenzan Hot Spring in Hakone

Tenzan is the second best hot spring, in or near Hakone, on our list of the top five hot springs in our area.   Our readers have frequently commented that it is an amazing onsen.  That is unbelievably beautiful. You can get to Tenzan from via bus from the main railway station.   Don`t miss this hot spring, it could well be the highlight of your Japan trip!


Tenzan has several baths at a variety of temperatures. The baths are outside!  And there are many different kinds.   Tenzan, like the much loved Only Yu Hot Spring is best for couples, not groups.  It is romantic rather than family oriented.  Make sure to enjoy the sauna if you are not like me, and get dizzy in them.


Tenzan is one of a very few Japanese onsen that is tattoo friendly.  Men and women bath in separate baths like most hot springs in Japan.




208 Yumotochaya,

Ashigarashimo, Hakone

Kanagawa 250-0312


Tel 0460-85-3926


Open 9am-11pm


*One of the caveats of Tenzan is that none of the staff speak English.  However, they are friendly and body language goes a long way to communicating with them.


How to Get There:

Use the Ryokan Association Patrol Bus, as a shuttle bus.  Take it for the “Hayakumadori direction”

It takes 10 minutes and costs 100 Yen/ One way.



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