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How to get to the Daiyuzan Hiking Trail?

How to get to The Daiyuzan Hiking Trail:
Take the train towards Daiyuzan Station. So the opposite way from going to Odawara. At Daiyuzan Station, take the only exit, go out to the main road. Head left down that road under the pedestrian overpass and through the intersection. In about 100 meters you will go over a bridge. You will see Kevin’s Guest House and English School on your right. Keep going straight up that road all the way up. You will see the trail head on your right, up the hill past the houses. You will see a Japanese gateway and the trail is parallel to the road, running along the right side.

Pictured: The Daiyuzan trail.  The trail runs perpendicular to the road leading up to Doryosan.

You can also head off to the right and go to Only Yu Hot Springs.   But this is for people who like to hike.

It isn’t a casual walk in the park. That said, if you’re like me, and you enjoy hiking, heading straight up to Doryosan and/or heading off to the right to Only Yu, will be very fun!

If you keep going up the hill you will get to Doryosan (Saijoji) Temple. Our guests often say it is the best Japanese Temple they have seen, and these guests have been to Kyoto and Nikko.

Photo: At Doryosan (Saijoji)Temple

Above Photo: Stairs leading to Saijoji

Below: One of the entrances

Photo: Doryosan (Saijoji) Temple

By. Kevin Burns

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