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I Would like Asian Guests to be Better

By Don Barder

I would like Asian guests to be better, and more considerate of their hosts and other guests.  Not all Asian guests!  Many are great!  But unfortunately, some are not.  Quite a lot in fact from China, Malaysia, Thailand, and other Asian countries are not the best guests at times.
I am a host in Japan and I get many new Asian members wanting to stay at my guest houses.

I wish Airbnb would do more to educate you about what a host does and does not do.  

It seems that  many guests from China, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asian nations, seem to not understand what Airbnb is exactly, even after becoming members and booking rooms.





A Host:


-Provides you with a clean, safe, and well maintained place to stay.


-Answers questions about the area and gives advice on what to see and do.


-*In Japan, with the cost of living, hosts do not make a lot of money.  It may seem that we do, as it may seem expensive in your currency.  But in fact, we do not make very much per reservation.


*Some hosts may be willing to do more than this, but you should not assume that.


A Host is not:


-A Travel Agent:

We do not make reservations

(Some hosts might be willing to help in this way, but you should never assume so.)


-A Person who is willing to answer many questions that are answered right in the listing.


A Guests Job:


To be polite and clean.  Leave the room in good order.


Be considerate of your host and other guests.

ie) Don`t leave water all over the bathroom floor and counter as some Asian guests do.  This may be OK in your country.  But it is not OK in Japan, Canada, or Europe.


To read the listing, and know what the listing is like.

Questions like: “Do you provide shampoo?”  or “Do you have free parking?”  These are answered in the listing.


*So – To not ask questions that are answered in the listing.


To do a bit of research on their own about the country they will visit and the areas they will visit, so that they can ask their host better questions.


To Finish Off:


I love hosting! I love meeting people from many countries.  I love Asian guests!  But I just wish that some would do a little bit more to make my job easier at times.  I would think other hosts feel the same way sometimes.  So think of your host.  They are doing their best and it isn`t an easy job.

Update : For the second time in a year some guests unhooked our internet wifi! Why would you do this to someone?

In both cases, I’m sorry to say they were Chinese. I like Chinese guests in general and most are great. But these few bad apples make China look bad.

*Remember: when you travel abroad, you represent your country. The impression you leave may last a long time .

Personally, I try to remember all the great guests I’ve had from country: X.



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