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Top Restaurants in Minamiashigarashi

There are a few good restaurants in Minamiashigarashi.  There are many OK restaurants too.  They are nothing to rave about, but they are fine.  But here are some of the best:

Top Restaurants in Minamiashigarashi:


One of the best is Hamazushi.  It is a restaurant chain that specialises in good quality, yet reasonably priced sushi.   Many of the dishes are only 100 Yen!  Plus it is kind of fun, as the sushi comes to your table via a conveyer belt.  Read More


Asahi Beer Garden

Asahi Beer Garden has tours of this state of the art brewery in English and Japanese. Best to call them to reserve: 0465-70-5251. There is a restaurant and you can drink freshly made beer for a very cheap price. The factory is beautiful and looks like a resort.  You will need to go by car, get a bus from Daiyuzan Station, or take a taxi there.  Of course if you go by car, the driver must be a designated driver (and not drink beer!)   There are very severe fines in Japan for drinking alcohol and driving.


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